Noah and I went dumpster diving again. I bought a high powered rechargable spotlight thing and tossed that in the car, it came in damn handy. Nothing much in the first few dumpsters but then in one we found a stuffed buck head and a stuffed elk head. They had the antlers torn out and it looked like someone tried to skin and mount them do-it-yourself style, because the skin was all over lapping on account of the frames or whatever is on the inside was too small. We played with them for a while then tossed them in my car. I don't really know what else to do with them, but I'm sure I'll find something. Pictures will be up as soon as I finish off this roll of film and get it developed.

Today on the way to my car I saw Noah, his girlfriend Casey, and a couple of their friends. All good folks. Stood around and talked on the sidewalk for a while. We weren't there long when some middle aged guy in a big new Ford Expedition or something pulled in next to us and asked for directions to the mall. I was walking to the car as I was explaining the route, and when I got close enough he didn't have to yell anymore he interrupted by asking if I wanted to by any speakers. He said they were all hooked up. The back of the car was full of boxes, so he must have scored pretty nice. I told him I worked in a speaker shop so I had all the speakers I wanted. He kept cussing and it was apparent he was fucked up on something, though he didn't quite seem drunk. We kept trying to give him directions to the mall, but he only let us explain as far as one street up, (the mall was miles away) then he asked if he could just drive around us. We said, "Uh, this is a sidewalk, but..yeah." So he pulled his big SUV up on the sidewalk and said "Well I'm driving this way I don't want to go the other way first when there's a way right here and..." and he kind of trailed off as his rig drove away, performing more traffic violations by the second. Funny fellow.

Work was no picnic today because my boss' stupid step kid, Brendough, was being a dick with a permanent marker and he soiled my shirt. I think most of my job requirements are based around not hitting children more than selling things, which is weird for retail. But anyway, there was this line on my shirt, and I asked Isaac, the better kid that I made puke a few weeks back to fix it up 'cause he likes to draw. He did this, and I think it looks pretty good.

Today at work some girls parked their car next to the sidewalk outside my shop and started yelling at people. They must have been bored as hell. Some skater kids came into the shop and I asked one of them if he'd go out and spray their windshield with some 409 and wipe it with a dirty rag. He accepted, he even did all their windows and had a real serious look on his face while he did it. It was pretty cool.

Took my dad to the airport again and had a piano lesson again. I didn't want to get lost in Spokane again so even though I had two and a half hours to kill I parked like a mile from the place my lesson was and tried to sleep in the car. I parked by a river and there was a hobo shanty not far away. I locked the doors. I felt kind of like a hobo myself since I was sleeping in the car with a dog by a river, but when the time was up I went to my lesson. I got lost anyway and managed to wonder into the wrong school of music. I found the piano room and everything then asked around and found out there was another school of music a few hundred yards away so I went there. It went ok.

Went dumpster diving with Noah. Didn't score much but we played with some old tires for a while and had a pretty good time. I dropped one on my foot and it kind of hurt. They still had the rims in them.