There was a weird ass party at my landlord's house across the lawn from my house. People were dressed like gypsies and this one guy danced with a sword balanced on his head for a while. What I thought was particularly strange was a number of bottles full of an opaque brown liquid on the kitchen counter, which I figured was grease drained from the turkey until this lady said it was "cosmic love juice" and proceeded to drink it. Fucking weird. Everyone at the party seemed at least kind of fucked up, and later when I noticed a girl in the kitchen pouring the last of it into her glass I commented on its vinegar like odor and asked what it was. She went on to explain that some guy at the party made it out of mushrooms and it had some sort of living fungus in it that made you "feel good." From that point on it became apparent why any conversations I became involved with were even less engaging than usual, so I stole some beer and left.


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