Today, a lady from a rival headshop called my work all early in the morning explaining that they'd been broken into and a bunch of glass pipes were stolen. They were just giving us a heads up in case any tweekers came into my work work trying to sell glass. A few hours later, a young, ugly couple came in looking like shit with a beanie full of pipes they wanted to sell or trade for cigarettes. My coworker, Carlin, said he'd call the boss and see if he was interested, which was just a ploy to stall them. It wound up taking a while though. Seriously, about a half hour I had to deal with these people. When we had breaks from helping real customers, we would ask them questions about their prices. Eventually, I talked the guy down to $25 on what was easily a $200 wholesale value of glass. Such an idiot. While we were waiting for police to show up, we kept saying we were going to make one more call to try to get in touch with our glass buyer and then chat on the phone in the back room for five or ten more minutes. Despite how suspicious that was, they still seemed totally blind sided when they were arrested. The lady of the couple was large enough that she couldn't come close to touching her wrists behind her back, so it took two pairs of handcuffs, each with one end on one wrist then conjoined on the open ends, to subdue her. Of course the customers had a sea of questions. Such a scene.


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