Laundry day.  I like to put it off as long as possible, just like anybody.  However, the cover to my mattress has been molding on the side closest to the wall.  Now, I know what you're thinking, because I thought the same thing: "That's easy, just sleep on the side away from the wall.  Problem solved."  That system worked for some days before the mold's slow march across my sleeping area practically had me on the floor, which is probably at least as gross by now.  

At the laundromat, I managed to spill root beer on the clothes of a cranky girl that lives across my apartment complex.  She's one of those college graduates with no job that sits around all day looking for things to be pissed off about.  I'm happy that she found what she was looking for, and what's more, I led her to it.



Tonight we all went to this somewhat trendy bar called "The Indigo District."  It's one of those places with really dim lighting where most of the guys have really tight clothes and eyeliner and most of the girls are college freshmen with fake IDs taking advantage of the completely untrained wait staff.  Despite this, the sad fact of the matter is that they have the best nachos in the entire town.  My roommate bought shots of 151 and proceeded to projectile vomit in the urinal roughly 5 times.  I watched and we returned to the table.  He then realized that he forgot to piss and went back to the bathroom.  When he returned, he told the story of how he pissed in the urinal NEXT to the one full of his chunder and left that for an unsuspecting man who swore profusely about how people "always have to puke in the mother fucking urinal" and my roommate agreed, "Yeah, I mean, the toilet is right there, you'd really think they could walk the extra few feet."  I thought it was funny.


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