So I get done illegally parking outside my work 15 minutes after I was supposed to be on shift, and as I approach the building my coworker Pat is standing there with some old drunk guy. He introduces him to me as "Bo-Diddly" and the guy pretty much kept mumbling incoherently and would occasionally break out in song. He sang old stuff, some Elvis song was the only one I remember. He went on to explain that he had throat cancer but that the only thing he liked to do was sing, which would arguably probe my long neglected sympathy gland if he weren't smoking unfiltered cigarettes. Once we managed to break away from him and get in the building, which took a while, Pat went on to explain that Bo-Diddly had come into the shop claiming he was drunk and asked Pat if he wanted him to "prove it." After hanging out for about a half hour of what I'm told was more mumbling and singing, Bo-Diddly asked Pat to call the police on him for reasons he wouldn't explain. Pat called our security company, since calling the police directly from our work can be a bad idea as our store already has a shaky image. He told them that Bo-Diddly would be waiting at the church across the street. Bo-Diddly was later spotted running East down 13th Avenue, away from the church.



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