Last night I went to a party. The night before I had attended a party at the same venue and I stole some beers. Since I don't wear baggy clothes much anymore I usually have to hide the beers in my socks until I can get to my car and stash them someplace. It's cold but worthwhile. Anyway, last night after I had completed the beer stealing routine I went back into the party and "hung out." A lot of my friends were there, including J.W. Our friend Austin got beligerently drunk and ran into a wall pretty fast. This came as a surprise to no one, for everyone present had witnessed several similar occurrances. J.W. and I got the bright idea to talk Austin into doing it several more times, only with us running beside him holding him by the shoulders to assure a more powerful approach and solid contact. The third or fourth time we did this, our fun loving friend hit his head pretty hard it looked like. So we retired him for the evening. Well, some guy named Chris held him upside down and shook him a bit and spun him around and then we retired him. He's a good sport.

After a swimming excursion north of town, I was walking across my friend Jenn's deck and dragged my bare foot a little. It is quite the rare thing when I am bare footed outside of my shower, and this reinforced my fear of the ground. I acquired a sliver that must have been an inch long. It went and out again. I pulled it out and in following hours the pain grew. Once home I took off my beloved shoe once again and did some diggin'. Apparently the shaft of the splinter had seperated and a smaller, pointier piece had penetrated in a vertical fashion, as opposed to the horizontal position the rest of the wood had assumed. I had to dig around for a really long time with finger nail clippers to get it out, then it bled for a while. Then I went to bed and didn't get any sleep because misquitos bit me about every thirty seconds. Summer is such a wretched season...

Today was weird. Last night JW and I acquired a decent amount of beer and decided to sleep in the store we work at. So we got smashed in the music shop and played super nintendo a lot. Crashed on the nasty store furniture, got up in the morning and pounded some of the remaining beers to get a buzz before opening the store to the public. Had surprisingly steady business, and some interesting people actually came in. For once an attractive female came into the shop and instigated conversation, which in my year working there has not happened, but of course I was just drunk enough not to say anything smooth. It was the first day of summer but it was cold enough to see your breath here. Real cloudy, no sun all day, but no complaints from me. So yeah, being drunk and sleep deprived at work in combination with the awesome weather has left me in a bit of a surreal mood. Pleasant.

Went to a party in CdA. Warmer was playing, and JW and I were to shoot a music video for them. Their set was awesome, and during their break there was a wet t-shirt contest and jello wrestling. A couple of the girls shedded some clothing and donated some images that shall prove to be valuable footage for the video. Not a shabby way to spend an evening, especially when your job is to video tape everything in exchange for free admitance and beer.

Woke up real early 'cause a spider bit me. Hurt pretty bad, but I decided to embrace it as a break in routine. Anyhoo, I was taking my boss' step kid to the skanky grocery store where he buys lunch everyday, and we went over to the sierra mist machine. They had that new mountain dew live wire stuff, so after buying one sierra mist for a quarter, I put in another and went for the live wire. Three cans came out! The machine got clogged because there were four cans in the little slot thing. After a long and somewhat violent power struggle, we managed to release the cans, and well, now I'm that much closer to believing in god. Free pop is the man!

Just got back last night from a four night road trip with Isaiah. It was pretty cool. Went to Eugene and saw JW, the Court, and Brian. Went to Portland and saw Adam. All was well. No one puked so I'm having trouble drawing memories from the excursion, but my brother and I made an indie film of sorts. Of course while I was standing in the middle of an island in a skanky duck pond holding a road cone and a lantern yelling about why ducks don't like me at about 11 p.m., someone I know from my home town hundreds of miles away walks up. It seriously is no mystery why people distance themselves from me around here. I guess the website probably doesn't help either...Yeah though, college kids are funny. They have this system of starter currency called "points" instead of dollars that they live off of. Their living quarters are all small and funny too. The kids are like pets with no owners. Just fed from troths, herded like cattle, and kept in cages with others like them. Hilarious. Oh, and their showers are pretty gross. We also went to a future music of Oregon concert that was acually quite horrendous. They had this creepy old dancer lady hooked up with cables that were supposed to make sounds when she moved, only I don't think they actually did. She came out for her second "performance" without the special cable suit and sounded exactly the same, so it was obviously a crock. She yelled stuff like "Water lillies!" and "Man is not happy! Woman must change!" over and over while some guy played a distorted clarinet, then they'd turn down the lights and play "soundscapes" which in case you aren't familiar with the term, is a 15 minute blurb of train sounds, change clinking, and dishes being tapped together that apparently resembles music to those with no bearings on rythm or melody. I can appreciate experimentalism but these people were just fuckheads. Um, I'll stop typing now.