Went to CdA with JW. Ate ten tacos from Jack in the Box and felt funky, but not TOO funky. On the way home we stopped at a water park that's under construction and pissed in the slide parts. Thousands of people will pee in those over the years but we were the first. Probably. Then we sat in the hot tub till 8:30 in the morning drinking beer and I had to get up at noon to go to work. Dehydrated. Big deal. I'm sure you care. whoo.

More bio-hazards yet. Today at work my boss had that rubber mat from the back of his suv in the shop and instructed me to "clean the collie blood off of it." He had found a smashed up collie a few days back and took it to the vet, but apparently not before it lost a fuck of a lot of blood. It must have been pretty awesome for potential customers walking on the sidewalk to see a grungy kid toweling blood off of a car part in front of a music shop.

Wow, it's been a while since I've worked on my humble little page. That's because nothing has happened. Until the last day or so, and even this isn't monumental. But yeah, last night I drank a bunch then when I was in bed I puked all over the floor and started laughing because I think puke is funny, then I got up and put paper towels over it and tried to sleep on the couch after I ate some bread but the bread made me puke so I got up and puked in the toilet and finally laid down for good around 3:30 in the morning. I got up at 9 and helped push and shovel to get a friends car unstuck from the snow, then Marcus tried to flush some dog shit down the toilet with some paper towels but it backed up and overflowed everywhere so we tried to mop that up. I then tried to mop up my puke from the night before but we have heated floors so it had pretty much baked on and made my whole room and surrounding area smell like cooked bile. Then I went to work and took a three hour Kung Fu class and had band practice, which is always a little draining. After that I noticed that a cat took a shit in my lizards cage. I have had my lizard since I was 12 and have never seen this happen before, so I cleaned that. Yeah though...I'm just a bio-harzardous material cleaning fool anymore...