A couple of nights ago some insipid cum dumpster slashed one of my tires. It was kind of a pisser, but I was thinking, "Yeah, that sucks, but I can get a used tire for like $30 and I'll be fine." So I've been shopping around for a couple days, and apparently since my car is all wheel drive, replacing just one tire would fuck up my transmission royally, unless it was the exact same diameter and tread grain of the flat. Which is virtually impossible, and with the condition of my tires I was told after a number of stops that no one would install a tire of that age and wear, so I just shelled out $167 for a new set of four. This kind of expenditure that would be less unwelcome if I had a job and all, but whatever. Fucking life. Stupid karma avenging all those I've wronged....


Depressing. JW and I went to a thrift store to find a mouse for my computer, as the original was taken from us in what I assume was an unidentified persons attempt at avenging himself against my actions. Anyway, we found a DSL modem there next to the mouse bin that's just like ours, and we were pretty sure it was worth about a hundred bucks. Figuring if we could get it for about ten, then put it on ebay and make even fifty, it would be worth our while. We bought it for five dollars, and though it was missing its power supply, I thought I could scare up a generic one in my closet that would fit the bill. I have a lot of junk like that. We got home and checked ours, which would have been wise to do first, because it has a really rare, unique power supply that you can't really get anywhere else, and on ebay the same make of modem is going for about four bucks, with power supply. So that pretty much ruined my day until later on when we were pissing outside an RA room on campus and had to bolt away because they were right near the window and security was already aware of us for another instance of misconduct earlier that night.


We were given a washer a few days ago. You know, for clothes. But no dryer. So yeah, I tried to dry some stuff in the oven, and it didn't burst into flames like most people thought it would, it just got those little brown burn marks here and there. Then we tried sun drying them, that worked a lot better, though the oven had undeniable speed.


Worked the door for a hip hop show. Nothing too exciting. Stood in an underground hallway and regulated who was going in and out for a while in exchange for a keg cup, which honestly I didn't abuse very thoroughly. Oh, and for a while I had one of those collapsable baton things where you flick it away from you and this long, thick, metal spring comes out of the base. It was a fun toy but I had to give it back to its owner. But yeah, the show was good, the beer was decent, and later that night Ike puked all over the house and put his soiled bedding on the deck, which baked in the sunlight the following day and provided us with the delightful smell of drying bile. We have since cut back on everclear use, because ingestion of 190 proof alcohol seems to be followed by vomiting and blacking out. Without fail. Drinking tea at the moment. It rocks.



Last day of work! So relieved. I started drinking at about 9:45 in the morning and continued 'til my shift ended at close to 6, all the while giving away even more free software subscriptions than I usually did. See, people would call in wanting a year subscription to anti-virus software, but I only knew how to run credit cards in one program, so when that program was down I would give them a one year subscription and make a note to myself to bill them later, which I never had time to do. So I thought leaving the company before that caught up with me might be wise. And I didn't really fit in, ya know? I was the only person there that danced to the hold music. I gave my supervisor a copy of the Cocky Pedestrians "45 degreez" single on my way out though, just to prove that I thought he was a cool guy.


*later that night*


Ike and JW went to a KRS One show and myself and my company decided it would be funny if a ninja got into the concert and attacked Ike, because he is a pirate and as anyone who has visited www.realultimatepower.net is aware, ninjas and pirates are natural enemies. So we thought it would be hilarious if a ninja attacked Ike at the show, and I managed to get through the back gate into the smoking area. After standing outside the locked door and gesturing to a girl though the window by pointing at the doorknob, miming twisting, then giving a thumbs up, some big guy open the door and kept jumping in my way as I tried to stealth around him. He kept repeating, "Exit only!" and finally I got discouraged and left. I guess I'm not ninja like enough to kill someone for that. So we decided to check out the back door, where some tweeker guy called my friend Katie a bitch, and as Tom and I gave him the evil eye debating whether or not an attack was in order, some friend of the tweeker with massive dreads put one of his hands on my man-bossom and the other on my back and started massaging my nipple area saying, "Please don't hurt anyone, ninja. Please don't hurt him." and all this stuff as though he assumed I actually know how to fight, which I don't. That was strange though, and the first guy apologized to Katie, who didn't seem to be too offended. So we went home and I passed out on the kitchen floor.



I kept a soda on my desk at work and drank it throughout the day. I don't drink cola very often and when I do it's not pepsi, but this was pepsi which I don't really like. Oddly enough, it made the day go by much faster. That probably has more to do with the ridiculous amount of everclear I added to it on my lunch break though.


Went to a show tonight. During the opening bands set, a drunk girl kept climbing on stage and pulling down the guitarists mic stand. Kinda neat. Most of the bands sucked, but the headliner was sweet. They were called "The Locust." They had a super hardcore sound and they dressed in locust costumes. One of the heaviest sets I've seen in my life, for sure. check them out if you like 40 second blurbs of distortion and keyboards buried in high pitched screaming.


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