Last night I had this really shitty dream. I haven't even seen "Alien Vs. Predator" yet, but I dreamed I was in Antarctica playing in the snow and having a really good time. It was really pretty and there was lots of ice to climb on. As I got cold and realized I was stranded and would die, I began talking with some strangers that were in the same circumstance. One of them said there was one train that went through The Arctic, and we were really close to its tracks, so we planned to just jump on that when it came by and stopped worrying, since that was apparently a very good plan. I pointed out that the predator lived in Antarctica though, so we should watch out for him and hopefully the train would come soon. Once that was brought to attention we all started worrying again. Pretty much right that instant a train started coming by in the near distance, and of course the predator was riding on top with his arms spread looking totally scary. I was like, "Man, that is just fucking perfect. How lame." The predator then turned invisable and we all knew the hunt was on. He started killing people, and somehow I wound up in this big building with some other guy. The predator dropped from the ceiling upside-down and grabbed the guy by the ankle, pulling him back up, uside-down. The predator shoved his other hand way up the guy's ass while he was screaming helplessly and I guess managed to dig all the way to the guy's neck from inside then pull his head out through his ass, complete with the spinal cord attached. It's kind of hard to describe and do the brutality of it justice, but you get the idea that it was pretty hardcore. So after that, I see those three little red dots on me, the ones from his gun sight or whatever, and I'm telling him that I know he's going to kill me, just to please not pull my head out of my ass. Just shoot me instead, I pleaded. Then I think he got distracted and I started running again, or something. I woke up at about that time, anyway. But it was scary! Anti-climactic as most of my writings, but scary!


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