Sasquatch was pretty cool. A lot of stuff went on but most worth the mention was a guy puking a BUNCH in a garbage can not far from JW, who caught some of the spray. I reached for my camera but was too slow...

On our way to the Sasquatch musical festival thing deal, Noah and I were crashing at the house of our friends Jesse, (not JW, this Jesse) Jake and Josh. They're the dudes from the quite kick ass band, Warmer. On our way to fail at buying donuts (the donut shoppe was closed) we discovered one of those signs with changeable letters in a business parking lot. I don't recall what the sign said originally, but Noah had the good idea to change it to "GOD PENIS." So we did. We walked back to the house, then drove back to a nearby 7-11 to get gas for the trip the next day. There was one cop car parked right next to the corrected sign pointing a spotlight around the parking lot, and a big cop durango pulling in also using his spotlight. CdA cops are funny because there's a shitload of them and they have nothing to do. One time they hunted us down with three cars for knocking over some milk crates behind a gas station. Anyway, this time we drove right by them and everything was fine. Woot.


Tonight I puked real late like. I felt too sick to sleep so I gagged myself but I only dry heaved so then I chewed up a clove of garlic, which did the trick as I had expected. I hate garlic. I tried taking self portraits of this procedure, which was difficult. They didn't turn out. All dark and blurry. Anyway...

Mothers day. Hung out with my mom. We went to Spokane, the city that I hate, but we actually had an ok time. We went to this national park place, and I didn't even know spokane believed in plants but there was some nice scenery there. We found a big dead bird, and I told my mom I'd give her a dollar if she picked it up. She didn't, but she did turn it over with a stick a few times, so that was kind of cool. Then later in a parking garage she kept trying to hit road cones but missing them so I reached for the wheel and during the power struggle we mowed down a couple. That went pretty good. My mom is a pretty good sport about dead things and road cones, which is good, otherwise we probably wouldn't have much to talk about.

It's been a while since anything happened again, and today made me wish it had been even longer. This was arguably the worst day of my life. I worked a full shift, which wasn't too bad, but on the way home I was driving by a baseball field full of kids and one of them threw another ones half empty (not half full) gatorade bottle into the road in front of me. I swerved to hit it, but missed because it was still moving. Not cool. By the time I got the idea to put the car in reverse, back up, and slowly run over the bottle while staring at the kids and laughing, I saw in the mirror its owner was reclaiming it. I continued driving home, damning myself for missing it and knowing I would NEVER have a chance like that again. Much to my pessimism's surprise, as I was driving by a soccer field closer to my house, a soccer ball came careening from the heavens. I yelled aloud, "Thank god! I love my life! Sweet redemption, here I come!" and began aiming my car at the ball. Some middle school aged girl was going after it, so we had a race on our hands. She saw I meant business and stopped in her tracks. I swerved for the ball on the right side of my car, and I missed it too! Fuck! It was still rolling and everything, but shit, I should have hit it. The whole rest of the drive home I screamed and punched the steering wheel. Then once I arived at my house I turned on my tv only to find south park was a rerun, thus rendering maximum suck. Fuck.