Fucking Shopko made me work midnight to eight a.m. Stupid company. As I am tired of the rut I've fallen into there anyway, I wore my ninja suit to work and gave my two weeks notice. Not the whole suit, just the torso piece and the arm gaurds. And my pink pom pom hat I found in the parking lot a couple weeks ago. The hat got a few remarks but people would just stare at the ninja suit as though they'd like to laugh but they weren't sure if I was stable enough to handle it, which obviously wouldn't stop them with a number of ensembles, but who laughs at an unstable ninja? They know what's good for them. Perhaps I have not given them enough credit in the past.

The day after Thanksgiving. Hilarity struck only once, if I recall. I was walking out of my cousins house with my mother, my brother, and his lolita. Brian gave me his cell phone so my mom and I could call someone for a ride later, and I said, "Hey Mom, did I ever tell you about the time Jesse called this phone and Leanne answered while she was giving Brian a blowjob?" As if that wasn't bad enough, my Mom responded with, "Of course I knew, it's on your website." It made the air between the four of us very akward for people who were not me. Mostly on account of my Mom and Leanne had met just hours prior. I felt bad, but it was indeed hilarious. I thought. This entry might get taken down if people are pissed for whatever reason. Whatever.

JW and I rode across town, both on his bike. Of course I got the handle bars. Lost my fucking car keys and we were locked out of the house, so what do you do? It was kind of interesting because we were in the street. At one point there's a bike lane between two car lanes, and being akwardly balanced in a 30 MPH area with all that moving metal and all those eyes on you is just weird. Still alive though, so that's cool. I guess.

9 1/2 hour shift after three hours of sleep. Bullshit.

Walking home from Courtneys house late last night, JW and I managed to climb on the roofs of a couple buildings. One of them was a church, and it's actually really nice up there. I'd like to go back when I have more time, and maybe something to eat or drink. It was one of those gravel roofs, on the non-pitched part, that is, and I stumbled over a larger rock among the smaller kernels of stone. I picked it up and threw it, for it bothered me. It went off the side of the building and I heard a couple thumping sounds followed by confused talking. We decided to exit on the other side, and the gate we had used to get up wasn't accessable so we used a tree. I tried jumping into the tree kinda like Sylvester Stallone does in Rambo: First Blood, and it went better than I thought but it still hurt a bit. Jesse was more graceful and walked away without fucking up his knee. Lucky Duck.


Yet another not quite interesting blurb about work. I really should get out more. But yeah, I filled the entire surface area of the suggestions chalk board with an irate rant about the stale starburst I bought. It went something like this, "New starburst in the vending machine would be grand. I bought some the other day and they were hard as hell. I scanned them and discovered they are 11 cents cheaper downstairs, and are probably actually edible. Anger consumed me then, but I am doing my best to move on. Starting over isn't always easy though..." I'm curious if anyone will say anything about it today.

Over my 8 1/2 hour shift today, I set off the alarm a record 4 times and sold NOTHING. It cost the company over $55 for my help today, none of which I gave back. Needless to say I am not making many friends at work, but who the fuck cares? It's shopko. Jesus.

Today at work...Oh, I work at shopko, I can't remember if I've mentioned that before. It's been a couple weeks now and I hate it. But yeah, today at work I did a pretty bad job. I managed to set off the store alarm 3 times, and on most days I just do it twice. I failed to accomplish either of the two tasks I was given on my 8 hour shift. In the break room I paid 65 cents for some starburst out of the vending machine. They are hard as hell and that makes me angry. I scanned the barcode with my scanner, and it said they were just 54 cents. So apparently customers get edible starburst for 11 cents cheaper than the starburst offered to the employees which can misalign your jaw. I want a new job so bad.